Life Coaching with a Difference

There are three areas of Life Coaching that are offered at Keith Maitland’s Health and Harmony Clinic

 1.  Health Coaching

This is all about supporting you to get a body that is 100% healthy and what to do to keep it that way.

The health of your body has a huge, huge impact on your thoughts, creativity, sporting ability and attitude.

Focus on health first – then fitness.

Applied Kinesiology is a way to find out what is blocking health coming through for you.

100% health makes it happen in your life.

2.  Emotional, Spiritual and Relationship Coaching

Helping you release/clear any negative beliefs, thoughts, reactions or behaviour that are presently affecting your relationships and health.

Teaching you techniques that lead to “Self Clearing” – a skill for life.

Helps you discover what it’s like to be truly “spiritual” and what your purpose is.

How to set goals and achieve them by confronting and clearing those negative thoughts that plaque your every move.

Confront and change those bad habits that block happiness in your life.

You will learn to embrace, feel and learn from negative emotions.

Train yourself to remain calm, focused and in “The Zone” while handling life’s challenges.

Learn to maintain motivation by discovering what is blocking it from being normal for you.

Learn how your presence can improve any situation.

You will become a “safe” person to be with.  Anger, frustration, impatience and intolerance will drop away.

You will start setting a better example to your children and family. Your demonstration is your greatest influence.

In time you will learn to become your own Life Coach.

3.  Financial Coaching

Traditionally, financial freedom has been seen as having enough investments that your income (satisfactory for your requirements) no longer requires your physical labour or effort. Although this is a great goal, it is rarely achieved, and even if it is achieved, will not free you from your financial fears.

True financial freedom lies in clearing all the fears and anxieties that money triggers.

Coaching will help you release these fears, so you will be relaxed and calm in difficult financial circumstances.

Even wealth does not necessarily release your financial fears – but Clearing will.

You will learn to trust.

How to be happy without needing to spend money.

How to make good financial decisions.

How to stop money from ruling your life.

How to create income but be on purpose.