Peak Performance Coaching

Dr Keith has treated a who’s who of Australian Sport. He was the first Chiropractor appointed to the Australian Swim team in 1995.He also learnt through his own studies how to  his athletes mentally with the negative stuff that is often triggered in them around competition.

He is  a Certified Sports Chiropractor.

He presently travels to sporting events with a local surf sports team.

Dr Keith brings to his peak performance coaching a wholistic approach.

“Peak performance is all about being in the moment focusing on the processes not results”.

Dr Keith will help you:

  • Clear negative beliefs you may have about yourself which are stimulated by sporting events.
  • Release any fear of failure.
  • Clear feeling of not being good enough or self -doubt.
  • Deal with disappointment which is part of any sporting endeavour.
  • Learn about the “Unknown” .How this triggers anxiety before events and what to do about it.
  • Make sure each small picture step you take is aligned with your big picture goal.

“There is no substitute for hard persistent training working on your weaknesses but you also have to train your mind until it to only serves you in the positive”.

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