Health Coaching

Dr Keith brings to his health coaching 34 years of experience being a leader in his field of Chiropractic Applied Kinesiology. He is a Wholistically orientated Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist. His work is based on looking at the 3 pillars of health. Structural imbalance,the spine extremities and cranials, Chemical imbalance including nutrional deficiencies, toxic problem, toxic gut, inflammation and Emotional imbalances .In his work as a Chiropractor and health coach he’s always looking for the underlying cause of disease or pain.

“100% health is normal accept nothing less in your life and for your body.Symptoms are your bodies way of talking to you. No symptom is there for no reason”.

Dr Keith has rebuilt his own health from having chronic fatique in his late 30’s and only being able to 3.5 k ocean swims and 26 k rowing races in his late 50’s. What did he do.

  1. Improved his diet,stop having sugar, stop alcohol consumption.
  2. Stopped smoking.
  3. Started  with 5 min of gentle exercise.
  4. Learnt to release every negative thought he has.
  5. Cleared parasites,candida,toxic gut and inflammation out of his body. He’s still continues to work on this.
  6. Detoxed his body again and again.
  7. Learnt to release chronic stress from his body.
  8. Bought his body back from being hyper acidic to a more neutral pH.
  9. Learnt to understand the metaphysical stress in his world and how to maintain a calm spiritual presence no matter what difficulty he faces.

So this is what he brings to his health coaching.

Dr Keith has helped 1000’s of patients to regain their health most have seen returning health as becoming free of pain. This is only the beginning of having 100% health but it’s a good start.

“Be patient and persistent with working on your health start working on it and never give up”

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