Leadership Coaching

Dr Keith has been a leader in his field of Chiropractic for over 30 years. He is one of the few Australian Chiropractors invited to present a paper at the March 2019 World Conference in Applied Kinesiology.

He’s been the President of 3 different organisations. Two Presidents he served under named him the Club’s Most Valuable Member. So he can also teach you to be a support person which is one of the steps towards becoming a great leader.

He Brings to his Leadership Coaching a Wholistic approach so he looks at all aspects of your life to make sure they are aligned with your leadership message.

“Leadership is all about you holding the big picture of where you want the organisation or endeavour to go. It’s not about knowing the individual steps that are required to get you there or forcing your opinions on your team.”

Dr Keith will teach you:

  • How to listen to the viewpoints of others without needing to express your own.
  • How to use democratic principles to determine the action steps you need to take to reach your teams big picture.
  • How to be totally happy when no one agrees with your viewpoint.
  • How to maintain and consciously use your spiritual presence to up lift your team.
  • How to keep your team focused on solutions.
  • How to stop office politics in there track.

“The individual steps you take don’t matter as much as the direction they are taking you in. Closer to your goal or not”.

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