Your ligaments should develop with time, the strength to do what you do with them.

“Our ligaments are made of the same material that a horse’s ligaments are made of Collagen and they can be incredible strong”. Dr Keith

The more you exercise, do training  for your particular sport, receive the bumps of contact sport, the more your ligaments will strengthen to help you cope with this .So most ligament injuries are the result of your ligaments not developing the strength they require to perform the tasks you ask of them. There is a reason for this. The biggest cause is malabsorption followed by acidosis. Which means your ligaments aren’t receiving the nutrition they require in order to get stronger and stronger or the acid levels in your body are weakening your ligaments making them vulnerable to injury.

So if you want to have ligament that are strong enough to cope with rough and tumble of your sport there are two questions you should ask if you’re getting recurrent ligament injuries or if you just want to make sure your ligaments develop the strength needed to keep you injury free. (You do need other strategies in place to stay injury free as an athlete see blog Staying Injury Free as an athlete).

The first question is. What can I do to improve my absorption?

The second question is: What can I do to bring my body back from being acidic?

In this blog we talk about weak ligaments caused by malabsorption.

Q1. Malabsorption occurs when you digestive system isn’t absorbing nutrients from your diet at an optimal level. The problem with malabsorption is it affects people to varying degrees so sometimes it’s hard to notice. It also depend on the amount of training or exercise you partake in. The fitter you want to be the more critical it is that you have absorption working at 100%.

Malabsorption can occur from problems in your salivary gland, digestive enzyme production, health of your gut micobiome and small intestine aborption

The number one cause of malabsorption is gluten and dairy intolerances. These intolerances create a mucous laying over your digestive systems membrane which blocks absorption.

So have yourself tested for gluten and dairy intolerance. I do this at Ridiculously Well using Applied Kinesiology.

You may also need to take supplements to breakdown the mucous build up in your gut called a biofilm.

Once you’ve been tested for gluten and dairy intolerance and found to be positive and you’ve eliminated from your diet the next step is to have yourself tested to see if you need to increase your mineral, protein, fruit and vegies, Vit C, Omega 3 oils ,Zinc, Vit D, Calcium, Creatine, Glucosamine  intake. This is so your body can supple your ligaments with the extra nutrition they need to help them attain their proper strength.

Here’s to you becoming injury free.


Dr Keith