I’ve been a life and relationship coach for more than 20 years, and my personal life gives me so many foundations for the help I am able to provide. When it comes to women, I’ve learned a lot over the years about providing a safe environment, but how?

  • I have raised two happy and healthy daughters, one of whom has a daughter herself.
  • I have been married for 34 years to the same amazing woman.
  • My mother and mother-in-law live with myself and my wife.

It’s taken me much personal and spiritual growth work over many years. I thought I was a pretty good guy to start with.

I’ve discovered these secrets:

  1. Your negative beliefs can impact those around you, so work on your behaviour first.
  2. Allow people their own viewpoint. You’ve learnt you’re not your opinions, so you don’t get too attached to them.
  3. Be willing to do something someone else’s way.
  4. Create an environment where personal sensitive or emotional charged communication is safe, which means you listen to them but don’t react emotionally to them.


See not that hard.

When it comes to your femine power, the women around me have taught me that it lies within you, and only you can release it.

If you are unhappy about your relationship, before you try to change your partner, it might be worth addressing yourself first. Work out exactly where you lie in the equation.

When it comes to being a female, you need to correct any negative habits and beliefs you have and love yourself. Your own negative reactions are fuelled by negative beliefs that you hold about yourself ie. I don’t like anger or I don’t want to deal with it, to their negative behaviour. Learn to change your own negative beliefs. This includes clearing your fear of their anger and frustration or your negative reaction to any of their negative stuff.

“Your reaction to them is your responsibility not theirs”.

 “Everyone can improve their relationship skills”


Apply what’s known as the “Law of Reflection” to your partner’s negative behaviour. If they get frustrated, angry or have other negative behaviours that effect you, look to where you have the same behaviour.

Emotions or negative behaviours don’t need to be expressed in order for them to affect those closest to you or be reflected back at you. All negative thoughts can be vanquished as they are still fuelled by a negative belief you hold about I’m angry but I only think angry thoughts.

“Recognise and accept their way of doing things. It’s just their way. Does it really matter”.

Think about how precious or how much you love the person you’re with. Don’t focus on their negative behaviour it isn’t who they are either, instead work out ways to cohabitate.

Communicate once you’re free of your own negative emotional reactions . We can all improve our relationship skills. Create a safe space for them to communicate whatever they want, without you reacting negatively to it.

“Your negative emotions are not who you are”.

If you feel you need to defend yourself this is your problem. You don’t. Just listen to their viewpoint. If do react negatively to their communications ask yourself what is the negative belief I hold about myself that has me reacting this I have to defend myself.

“Improving your relationship skills and your relationship always involves working on yourself (taking your femine power) first”.


Don’t join your partner in their bad health habits i.e. having a fag or beer/wine to together. Demonstrate better health habit to them. The health and fitness of your body has a huge impact on how you feel and the thoughts that invade your mind.

“Men or your relationship partner really is worth the trouble”.


If you want to discuss anything in a safe and confidential space on the Gold Coast, call Dr.Keith Maitland, I have a range of services including chiropractic, applied Kinesiology, animal chiropractic and life coaching.

Lots of love and support.

Dr Keith