Fluoridation – Is It Really Necessary

Dr Keith Maitland, a local health professional, Life Coach and author is working to bring about the end of fluoridation in Gold Coast Water. Recent amendments to the Water Fluoridation Act 2008, have placed in the hands of local government the decision to fluoride water or not. Fluoride is put in our water because it is believed that in doing so we will have healthier teeth, less cavities and all save money at the dentist.

Things to know about fluoride:

  1. Fluoride is a high toxic substance
  2. Europe is 90% fluoride free
  3. It suppresses thyroid function
  4. It accumulates in pineal gland(an organ in the brain), affecting hormone production
  5. It contributes to arthritic symptoms
  6. It increases bone fracture in children
  7. Fluoride in mother breast milk is 250 x’s lower than what a bottle fed baby will receive (ref: Dr Paul Connett – Professor of Chemistry)
  8. It affect people more who have existing kidney disease, as it can’t be flushed out of the body as quickly(ref: Johnson w 1979)
  9. Is linked to male infertility (ref: Y Wang et al 2003)
  10. It leads to an increased risk of bone cancer (ref: Hoover RN 1991)

According to the US food and Drug administration fluoride is a drug, it is being added to our water as a mass medication. Yet no health professional is deciding if it is necessary for an individual person or monitoring results.

Is it the purpose of our council to deliver mass medication to the people, without a diagnosis, knowing dosage, monitoring results or people having free choice in whether they wish the treatment or not.

Dr Yolanda White, a primary care pediatrician from the US states: All drugs need to be assessed on a weight of the patient basis, this is not followed for fluoride. Fluoride has a very narrow therapeutic window, this is the difference in dose between when it is effective to when it becomes toxic. She goes on to state: It is impossible to determine how much fluoride a person if getting. You can’t determine the exact amount needed, therefore you cannot determine the safety.

Bottle fed babies should not be given fluoridated water.

Do new parents of the Gold Coast know that in 2006 The American Dental Association recommended that bottle feed babies not use fluoridated water to mix up their formulas.

Children are at heightened risk of fluoride toxicity because:

  1. They receive a larger dose per kg of body weight
  2. They have low kidney excretion, which means fluoride builds up in their bodies more quickly to level where it is toxic.
  3. The developing brain is more susceptible to fluoride toxicity which reduces intelligence.
  4. They are more susceptible to dental fluorosis (Mottling or browning of teeth)

(ref: Grand Jean. P 2006 The Lancet)

Another interesting fact is 99% of fluoridated water is not drunk,it is used for washing, showering, watering our gardens etc. It is also believed fluoride has minimal benefit when swallowed (ref: National Academy of Science 1989), there must be better ways of treating people with fluoride. It has been found that the most beneficial way of receiving fluoride is topically (via a paste) applied directly to the teeth.

All other water additives are only to improve water quality and safety.

As fluoride is a toxic waste, it also has traces of arsenic, barium, beryllium, mercury, cadmium, copper and lead in it, so these are inadvertently being consumed by the public.

On top of this the benefit of fluoride in the water is also questioned (ref: Diesendorf M 1986)

People with low thyroid levels or poor kidney function should not drink fluoridated water.

Keith’s own view is “If we want to decrease dental cavities in our children, decrease the amount of sugar and highly processed foods they consume”.

It’s time for all Gold Coasters to ask their local councillor to say no to fluoridation and allow doctors and dentists to determine if a person requires fluoride treatment.

– See more at: https://www.keithmaitland.com/blog/fluoridation-do-we-really-want-it-in-our-water#sthash.f2bREgGQ.dpuf