Are EMF(Electromagnetic Field) bad for your health

EMF’s, Electromagnetic fields, have been around since the beginning of time; we receive natural EMF from the sun and the earth itself. It’s the man-made EMF’s that are the problem.

So, what are some of the man-made EMF’s we have?

Low frequency – There are low frequency EMF’s:  microwaves, lights, computers, smart meters, Wi-Fi, cell phones, Bluetooth, powerlines and MRI’s.

High frequency – We have high frequency EMF such as: X-Rays, Gamma Rays, and Ultraviolet light.

There is no dispute that high frequency EMF are bad for you. The only argument is over low frequency EMF, are these bad for you?

It is known that the body is an electromagnetic system and that the nervous system runs on electricity. We know that EMF’s interfere with the electromagnetic system within our bodies, but is this unhealthy for us?

It all depends on the:

1) Frequency of the EMF

2) Energy of the electromagnetic wave

3) Strength of the magnetic field present

4) Duration of exposure

We can say man made EMF exposure isn’t good for us so by inference it is bad for us.

So yes, man-made EMF’s are bad for your health.

Using Applied Kinesiology muscle testing we can quickly observe that muscle strength decreases with exposure to an EMF.

Come to my office and I will use applied kinesiology to test your muscle density, totally free of charge, just make an appointment).

So, what can we do about it?

  1. Minimise exposure.
  2. Increase level of negative ions in your world (live near water, regularly swim in it particularly the ocean, place negative ion generator in your home or Himalayan salt lamps.
  3. Open your house up to fresh air.
  4. Put indoor plants around your living area.
  5. Ground yourself regularly by walking bare foot on grass or on the beach.
  6. Get your body healthier and exercise frequently.
  7. Don’t put your mobile phone to your ear.
  8. Take electronic devices away from children at night and encourage them to play in the sand or outside and use their imaginations.
  9. Wear personal devices that lessen the impact of EMF on you. Presently I recommend a crystal wrapped in copper wire. (You can buy this on request at our office Ridiculously Well 55983511)
  10. Put an EMF counter device on your mobile phone (I presently recommend a Zone030 smart card. You can call my office and when I have enough requests I make a bulk order of them)

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