Alkaizing your body

The PH of your blood is tightly regulated to stay within the healthy range of a PH level of 7.35 to 7.45 for your cells to function. When you hear someone saying, ‘I’m alkalizing my body’ the truth is they aren’t trying to achieve an overly alkaline body, they are striving for a neutral PH level as their body is overly acidic.

Some parts of the body are naturally acidic such as: your stomach has a PH level of 2.5 and the vagina is PH 4 – 4.7, both are perfectly healthy and normal.

The body works hard to try and maintain a blood PH level of 7.4, so by alkalizing your body you are assisting your body with its natural process of trying to return to its neutral state.

What makes the body acidic?

Diet plays a key role in what makes a body acidic. The consumption of too much: sugar, coffee, alcohol, excessive amounts of animal protein, smoking, and recreational drug use are all contributing factors. Stress can also be a driving force in the acidity levels in your body.

What are the symptoms of acidosis?

  1. Joint pain
  2. Chronic pain
  3. Fibromyalgia
  4. Stiffness
  5. Chronic Inflammation
  6. Chronic rashes
  7. Inability to cope with stress
  8. Fatigue
  9. Depression/anxiety
  10. Arthritis
  11. Chronic muscle pain
  12. Osteoporosis
  13. Calcification in arteries

Diagnosing Acidosis:

Dr Keith takes a wholistic approach to his patients, finding the root cause of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. Using Applied Kinesiology (AK), or applied muscle testing vials and pH testing paper we can accurately diagnose acidosis.

Kinesiology therapy takes into account your whole lifestyle, and instead of masking symptoms Dr Keith has Applied Kinesiology, his chiropractic experience and his life coaching as his disposal to try and find the root cause of your pain.

Treating Acidosis:

  1. Dietary changes – Decrease or stop your sugar, coffee and alcohol consumption. Eat clean where possible and limit your intake of processed food, adding as much fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet as possible.
  2. Drink filtered water.
  3. Stress reduction – It isn’t usually the stressor that is the problem but our body’s reaction to it. Dr Keith through his Life Coaching helps you identify and remove any triggers you have that are creating a stress reaction in you.
  4. Decrease or limit additions such as: smoking and recreational drug usage.
  5. Products that support the alkalization process:
  • Recovery Hydro FX by sevenpoint2
  • Hydro ReGen by Wise Nutrition
  • Coral Calcium by Safe Foods
  • Alkalizing Magnesium by Wise Nutrition
  • Basica ActivE by BIoPractica
  • Vibrant Greens by NutriDoc

Applied Kinesiology on the Gold Coast gives you the whole picture

Dr Keith uses Applied Kinesiology, AK, to examine for other sources of acidosis:

  • Allergies testing (dairy, gluten, lectins or salicylates)
  • Candida and mould testing
  • Heavy metal and Chemical testing
  • Biofilm testing
  • Lymphatic blockages
  • General toxicity

Dr Keith uses Applied Kinesiology testing to determine a treatment plan for you. Everybody is different, so your treatment and dosage will vary; Dr Keith develops a care plan that is unique to you.

Dr Keith thoroughly tests for other sources of acidosis to ensure he has all the information in his arsenal to provide the best quality of care.

Dr Keith supports and guides his patients using reflexology and lymphatic drainage techniques throughout the alkalization process.

How long does Alkalising the body take?

Everyone is unique, and the alkalizing process is hugely variable depending on the length of time you’ve had the problem and what the cause of the acidosis is.

 “You just have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get your synovial fluids(joints) and body pH back to neutral and get inflammation out of your body, it’s that important to your health and life” Dr Keith

For quality chiropractic treatment, life coaching and kinesiology on the Gold Coast

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