Why Does Corruption Happen?

Around everyone is an attitude cloud, energy field or auric field this is why some people make you feel good and others make you feel frustration, anger etc, this attitude cloud contains the thoughts of that individual, it also reflects the persons health, particularly the health of their brain.

When you walk into a prisoners, criminals or anyone’s attitude cloud you may:

  1. React to the persons thoughts, words or actions with your own negative reaction, this needs “clearing” → go the keithmaitland.com so you no longer react negatively, unfortunately most people will see your negative reaction to them and be affected by this (making any situation worse) rather than see what they have done to trigger your reaction. The job of a law enforcement officer is to learn not to react to negative behaviour but be calm, happy yet firm and diffuse a situation.
  2. You may begin thinking that your thoughts which are coming  from the other person are your own – BIG MISTAKE.
  3. You maybe totally unaffected, your own calm attitude is not easily ruffled.

An understanding that criminal or bad behaviour is not normal, most people behaving this way are either sick (have varying degrees of mental illness) brain health has a huge impact on your attitude or have picked up their bad habits from parents,siblings and have often been the subject of abuse (sexual, physical or emotional).

Learn to be tolerant, calm, happy yet firm..

Corruption happens because susceptible people come into contact with corrupt people which then stimulates a latent behaviour in themselves,they start thinking corruption is normal,they take on the thoughts and behaviors of the people in their charge, so what can you do to decrease the chance of corruption.

  • This begins at the training level, create a culture in which speaking the truth is highly prized, reward people who tell the truth no matter what the consequence.
  • Give people training so they can learn not to go the affect of other peoples negativity.
  • If you react negatively to thoughts like:
    • I hate you
    • I hate police
    • Anger
    • Violence etc.

Help people to clear these reactions, vetting people as they join the police for their own level of negativity and negative reactions,people who are naturally calming in nature are much better suited to be police.

  • Teach people to think for themselves, be individuals, take responsibility for their own actions a team yes, but also individual (don’t just follow the leader).
  • Look out for each other, if someone’s behaviour is becoming negative remove them from the situation.  Give them support/training so eventually that situation becomes easier to handle, if your own thoughts become negative temporarily withdraw from the situation, until your normal calm happy self retu
  • Promote people based on ability, not because they agree with you.
  • Don’t cover up the truth, pick I apart, use it as a learning for all.
  • Learn to handle the projected negative thoughts of other – how not to be affected by them go to keithmaitland.com
  • Do thoughts like these plague your mind:
    • I love authority
    • I’m god
    • I’m right
    • I won’t take that
    • I’m angry
    • I’ll teach you a lesson

You are a public servant, your there to help, make it safe, learn to be calm not agitated or frustrated, happy and tolerant, not angry, helpful not abusive and the general public will react completely differently to you, become a calming source.

  • The health and fitness of your body has a huge impact on your attitude and ability to handle different situations, create an environment where this is normal.
  • Improve the environmental health of your workplace
    • Plants
    • Fresh air
    • Clean
    • Positive poster
    • Negative generators
    • Positive fragrances etc.

Corruption, nip it in the bud and it will never manifest.

Corruption is not normal, integrity, trust, and telling the truth are.

The better you behave as police, the better our society will behave, they watch your demonstration.