I don’t consider tap water drinking water! Sorry to all the guys that produce our tap water (I used to be a water chemist). I haven’t consumed tap water for 20 years, but I do filter it.


Tap water isn’t as clean as you think. It travels through kilometres of pipelines and picks up contaminants along the way. It contains chlorine, ammonia and fluoride, so it’s full of other things that are not just water and are not good for your health.

The purpose of chlorine in water is to kill the bugs. The chlorine then goes on to kills bugs in your intestine which causes changes to your gut microbes which is bad for your health.

It is said that tap water is laced with over 300 contaminants. Take it from a guy who used to be an industrial chemist, the less toxic chemicals you let into your body the better. Don’t believe people who say this chemical or that chemical is safe, they keep changing their minds.

It’s much better to filter your water than drink bottled water.

Why clean uncontaminated water is best

  • It flushes toxins out of your body which helps your immune system.
  • It improves the behaviour of children.
  • It helps with weight loss.
  • It improves all the functions of your body.

60% to 70% of your body is water, that’s why the pureness of the water you drink has such an impact on your health over time.

I use a Water Factory reverse osmosis filter under our sink followed by a Zazen filter on the bench top. So, we filter our water first then do things to mineralise, alkalise and energise the water before we drink it.

Helping you realise your birthright. To have great health. behaviour

Dr Keith