How can chiropractors benefit your health?

Taking a wholistic approach to your health is important. If you think that each aliment you have is an isolated issue, then it might be time to talk to Dr. Keith on the Gold Coast. Dem Bones might be a children’s song, but the lyrics talk about how one part of the body is connected to another and how the whole body is interconnected, so finding the underlying cause of an issue might have a positive knock-on effect for all those other aches and pains.

Chiropractors like Dr. Keith believe in treating the problem and not the symptoms. Whilst pain killers might provide some light relief from pain, they won’t solve the problem.

 Chiropractic treatment for your whole body, for everybody

There are so many reasons to visit your local chiropractor, but here are our top 5:

  1. Keith says the number one reason people see him is for back, neck or general skeletal pain. He’s an expert in helping people with chronic pain. This is because he’s not only a Chiropractor but a kinesiologist, herbalist, Craniopath and TMJ practitioner. His mantra is you’re meant to be well and pain free so if you’re not then there is a reason.
  1. The number 2 reason people see Dr Keith is for headaches or migraines. These are usually caused by your neck being out of alignment and needing a Chiropractic adjustment or a jammed cranial bone needing freeing up. Sometimes it’s your body saying it’s toxic and you need detoxifying. Dr Keith is an expert in the detoxification of the body.
  1. Sports injuries is the number 3 reason people come and see Dr Keith. His patients have read like a who’s who of Australian Sport. He was the first Chiropractor to be appointed to the Australian Swim Team. He presently is the Chiropractor to a local Surf Sport Club and travels to their events to keep them injury free. He is also an expert in helping the older athletes who want to be the best in their age group. He says it’s all about improving their health and health habits whilst they train hard. One of his patients recently achieved 3 Queensland records and 3 Australian records in their age group after 2 years of working with Dr Keith. So, if you have persistent sporting injuries stopping you advancing in your sport this is what Dr Keith corrects.
  1. The number 4reason people see Dr Keith is just to improve their general health. Nothing is more precious than great health. Working on and correcting small health problems is the key to not getting chronic health issues. Dr. Keith say everything you eat, say, do affects the health of your body. It’s not a level playing field when it comes to health. Some have to work on it harder than others, but everyone has the right to great health. If you don’t want to get the flu keep your health and immune system in great shape.
  1. The number 5 reason people see Dr Keith is for chronic inflammation whether this is a sore joint, persistent back pain, skin rashes or an inflamed intestine; Dr Keith helps you unravel the underlying causes of this one step at a time.

Whilst Dr. Keith on the Gold Coast is an expert in chiropractic care, he is also qualified in Kinesiology herbalism, Craniopathy, the TMJ and life coaching, so he can take a complete wholistic approach to your care plan, giving you the best possible outcomes.