Business Coaching

Having started a business from scratch on the Gold Coast in 1987 building it into one of Australia’s premier Wholistic Health Centres by 1995.Dr Keith can give you an insight into what it takes to build and maintain a business. He will also teach you how to do this whilst staying calm, positive and having a balanced life.

In his professional career as a Chiropractor Dr Keith always strives to be the best he can be. It 1986 he travelled to America and sat an exam to become a specialist Chiropractic Applied Kinesiologist . Of the 17 candidates who sat the exam he was the only one who passed. So Dr Keith will give you help and support to be the best you can be in your chosen field of endeavour .

His coaching will also help you understand and handle seemingly impossible business problems.

Dr Keith also adds he was forced to sell his centre in 2000 by what he calls Predatory Banking Behaviour which eventually sent him broke. Using techniques he will teach you he was able to maintain a positive attitude throughout the process.

He’s still in practice today.

At one stage he managed 9 tenancies and 6 staff. He learnt that the first step in dealing with any business issue is first working on you own negative reaction to it. Then focus on solutions and observing results.

He’ll also teach you how to keep your attention on your big picture and how this helps you handle the ups and downs of business.

Dr Keith brings a Wholistic approach to his business coaching. He looks at:

  • You and your bad habits.
  • Your health and fitness regime.
  • How to project you positive energy outwards so  it influences people around you in a positive way
  • Office politics and how to have them stop playing in your business

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