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Puppy love: The health benefits of loving your dog

Inspired by ‘The Love Hormone from Your Pet’, an article from Ultimate Pet Nutrition by Dr Gary Richter. You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from petting your dog? You’re not imagining it! We dog owners experience a release of oxytocin in our brains whenever we pet our dogs. Better yet, as you pet […]

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Chiropractic care and birthing

Currently, around 75% of pregnant mums experience back or pelvic girdle pain. These pains can be extremely unpleasant and, in some cases, debilitating. Luckily, chiropractic care has proven very helpful in improving these ailments. Can a chiropractor help you have a more natural birth? The incidence of back pain in labour is significantly reduced in […]

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I don’t consider tap water drinking water! Sorry to all the guys that produce our tap water (I used to be a water chemist). I haven’t consumed tap water for 20 years, but I do filter it. Why?!! Tap water isn’t as clean as you think. It travels through kilometres of pipelines and picks up […]

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Cholesterol Isn’t The Problem

IF CHOLESTEROL ISN’T THE PROBLEM: WHAT IS?!!!! The conventional view is that having high LDL (low density lipoprotein aka bad cholesterol) increases your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Of 30 studies undertaken into heart disease, 43% of the findings showed no link between LDL and mortality; 57% found a lower LDL level was linked […]

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Our bodies have no off button for sugar as it is not traditionally used or programmed to deal with such a refined source of carbohydrates. As it is such a pure source of glucose or fructose its consumption over time affects our health. How does sugar affect our health? Excess consumption of sugar is linked […]

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Why We Need to Take Gluten-Sensitivity Seriously

If you’ve cracked a magazine that deals with health in the last few years, you’ll have read about the potentially negative effect that gluten can have on the gut, and your health in general. Gluten sensitivity, though not quite as serious as celiac disease can lead to symptoms that are almost as debilitating. In fact, […]

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Dr Keith is the first qualified Chiropractor on the Gold Coast to go on and become a qualified Animal Chiropractor. This has enabled him to become a member of the Australian Veterinary Chiropractors Association. Much like people, caring for your pet is all about prevention. This will help them stay fitter, healthier for longer and […]

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How can chiropractors benefit your health?

Taking a wholistic approach to your health is important. If you think that each aliment you have is an isolated issue, then it might be time to talk to Dr. Keith on the Gold Coast. Dem Bones might be a children’s song, but the lyrics talk about how one part of the body is connected […]

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Are EMF(Electromagnetic Field) bad for your health

EMF’s, Electromagnetic fields, have been around since the beginning of time; we receive natural EMF from the sun and the earth itself. It’s the man-made EMF’s that are the problem. So, what are some of the man-made EMF’s we have? Low frequency – There are low frequency EMF’s:  microwaves, lights, computers, smart meters, Wi-Fi, cell […]

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Are chlorinated council pools safe?

What does safe mean? One of the Gold Coast’s leading Sports Chiropractors Dr Keith Maitland is questioning the health of our chlorinated pools. He was the first Chiropractor appointed by the Australian Swim Team and his patients have read like a who’s who of Australian Sport. We know that chlorine is a toxic substance, it […]

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