Life Coaching

Life coaching isn't for people who aren't succeeding... it's for those who want to do better! Whether it's relationships, parenting or business management you can learn new attitudes and skills that will improve any situation.  And Dr Keith is just the person who can help you turn any difficult life situation which is presently stimulating a negative response in you into becoming a better person one step at a time.

According to Dr Keith Maitland, “What I have discovered is that the answer to your relationships already lies within you.”

As your negative thoughts and behaviours have a huge impact on your health, changing them permanently is part of what it takes to be 100% well.

As the health of your body has a huge impact on your attitude and performance in life, improving your health is also a part of the unique approach Dr Keith takes with life coaching.

"My life coaching on the Gold Coast is all about helping you discover and remove permanently what is blocking you presently being the good person (the real you) that you know you have inside and bringing that person to the fore front when dealing with relationship issues."

It all begins by asking yourself:  What am I doing that’s creating my relationship the way it is?

Of course a Coach needs to build a bridge of compassion with their clients from their own life experiences.  And Dr Keith has had a range of real life experiences that brings breadth and depth to his understanding.

 Failed High school

 Been unemployed, overweight, and suffered from chronic fatigue

 Experienced project failure and been broke

 Remained married for 27 years and has raised two successful children

 Currently a complex care foster parent for the last 3 years with his wife

 Freed himself from the anger he grew up experiencing as a child

 Has successfuly run a business for 29 years

 Been the president of 4 different organisations

 Shared a home with both mother and mother in law for a number of years

 Ran twice as a candidate for local council on the Gold Coast 

 Spent 25 years going to seminars on personal growth and self help

 Has become one of Australia’s most qualified Chiropractors and is a recognised specialist

 Teaches and mentors other Chiropractors

 Learned how to bring a positive calmness to life's daily difficulties

 Improved my own health to the extent that I am now able to work out 6 days a week

If you can see value in having Dr Keith help you learn new attitudes and skills then you will improve any life situation, whether that's in the area of relationships, parenting or business. Call today and begin the journey into an even better life!