CASE STUDY: Elite Athlete Shares Secret to International Success

Not many people know that Australia's favourite Ironman, Trevor Hendy, was at one time considered "broken down". Watch here to learn how Trevor went on to become a 6 x Australian Ironman Champion and a 4 x World Ironman Champion.

How Can Dr Keith Help You?

pain relief gold coast

Pain is a warning signal and always has an underlying cause.  Using the triad of health as the basis of your care, Keith looks at the the 3 basic factors that influence your health - structural, chemical and emotional.

accurate diagnosis gold coast

Just because you have a pain in your back doesn't automatically mean you only need a spinal adjustment.  Using various modalities Keith thoroughly assesses your body's signals and treats you accordingly.

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Your health is your number one asset and the value of vibrant health cannot be underestimated.   If you are someone who works at being healthy yet you know there is more - you can take it to the next level working together with Keith!

Having a sports chiropractor (who was called "Magic Fingers" by one of Australia's leading coaches) on your side who understands the journey you need to take to excel at your sport,  will give you a huge advantage.  Get healthy first then get fitter.   

Healing is so much more than giving you a bottle of pills and sending you on your way.  Keith not only monitors your progress along the way he also listens to and 'fine tunes' your body's healing mechanisms to support the process.

Life coaching isn't for people who aren't succeeding... it's for those who want to do better!  Whether it's relationships, parenting or business management you can learn new attitudes and skills that will improve any situation.  

About Keith Maitland

Dr Keith Maitland Gold Coast chiropractor

As a chiropractor, Dr Keith Maitland has been assisting people back to health for over 30 years.

He has also successfully regained his own health, having suffered from chronic fatigue in his mid 30's.

Keith has developed an enviable reputation on the Gold Coast for getting people out of pain and chronic ill health.  Holding a strong belief that good health is normal he works with his patients until they achieve it together!

Keith has also written two books in the areas of personal development and business management.  ​How to Live a Positive Life - The Five Keys and Difficult Customers – The NO STRESS Book.  Click here

Clinic Location

​We'd love to talk with you - ring or stop by and see us...

​Keith's rooms are now located within the Ridiculously Well clinic at:

54 Guineas Creek Road, Elanora, Qld


5598 3511

Something Important!

Dr Keith Maitland can assist you with regaining health for you and your family.  He is an expert in:

  • Weight loss 
  • Full body detoxification
  • Life coaching, and 
  • Athletic peak performance.

He has received credentials in the following modalities:​

Not only is Keith a practitioner he also lectures and trains chiropractors, osteopaths and other health practitioners.